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Marquee hire for Berkshire events

Marquee rentals for Berkshire and surrounding areas

Hiring one of our Capri marquees is a great way to create an event space that is versatile, customisable, and can accommodate a large number of guests – whatever the weather! When it comes to hiring one of our marquees, there are different sizes available, including small, medium, and large capri marquees. Each size has its own unique advantages and can be suitable for different events.

Here’s a breakdown of each size to help you determine which one might be the best for you.

Small Capri Marquee – 24-35 guests

20×20’ (6x6m): Seated – 24 Guests, Standing – 35 Guests

Small Capri marquees are perfect for intimate gatherings or small events such as birthday parties, private parties, garden parties, or even small weddings. These marquees have a capacity of up to 35 guests and are 6 x 6 metres wide. Our small Capri marquees are easy to set up and can be installed in tight spaces, such as in a small garden.

Medium Capri Marquee – 50-70 guests

20×30’ (6x9m) and 28×28’ (8.5×8.5m):  Seated – 50 Guests, Standing – 70 Guests

Our medium Capri marquees are ideal for medium-sized events such as corporate events, product launches, and medium-sized weddings. These marquees have a capacity of up to 70 guests and are 6 x 9 metres wide or 8.5 x 8.5 metres  wide. Medium capri marquees offer a good balance between space and affordability. They are also highly versatile and can be configured in various ways to suit different layouts and designs.

Large Capri Marquee – 80-100 guests

28×38’ (8.5×11.5m): Seated – 80 Guests, Standing – 100 guests

Large Capri marquees are perfect for big events such as music festivals, trade shows, and large weddings. These marquees have a capacity of up to 100 guests and are 28 x 38 metres wide. Our large Capri marquees provide ample space for guests, vendors, and equipment. They are also highly customisable and can be fitted with features such as lighting, flooring and seating. 

Extra Large Capri Marquee – 100 + guests

(28×28’ + 28×28’) or (28×28’ + 28×38’) or (28×38’ + 28×38’ + 28×38’)

If you need to accommodate a particularly large number of guests or create a unique event space, our team can design bespoke set-ups that can include various elements, such as dividing walls, a dance floor area and a separate dining space. Just tell us what you need and we’ll create the desired space for you.

More event hire equipment

Coconut Matting

Our coconut matting adds a sophisticated, rustic feel to your marquee set-up.  It also makes the floor more sturdy for guests – especially guests in heels, safely secures lighting cables to prevent trips and stops chairs from sinking!  In fact, many furniture suppliers will not hire out chairs without coconut matting to protect them

Dance Floor

No wedding, milestone birthday or children’s party would be complete without a dance floor! Our black and white chequered flooring is extremely enticing making it hard for guests to refuse getting their dance shoes on and enjoying themselves!

Lighting – Fairy Lights, Uplights, Festoon Lighting

Lighting really does take the aesthetics of the marquee up a notch! Whether you want a disco tent, a romantic ambiance for a wedding or a trendy-festival look, our range of lighting-to-hire adds the perfect finishing touch.

Berkshire locations :

We travel to all Berkshire locations. Some of the areas we frequently provide our marquee hire service to are. While we are based in Berkshire, we will happily cover events in most areas of England and Wales, and include delivery costs in our quote